KPA EtherCAT Boards

KPA EtherCAT Slaves Boards:  PCI, PC104, CAN Gateway

KPA EtherCAT Slave

KPA Slave stack is designed to run on most MCUs, CPUs and DSPs with or without an RTOS.
- Over 20,000 lines of "C" Code
- Small footprint suitable for 8 & 16-bit processors
  (Infineon SAB 80x16x, ARM 3.9, ATMEL ATmega128, Freescale ppc 52xx, MPC8536,

KPA EtherCAT Studio

KPA Studio is a configuration & diagnostics software tool for EtherCAT systems. Studio works interactively with one ore more KPA Masters to create and use EtherCAT system configuration files. It is also an effective tool to configure and interact with the EtherCAT Slave devices on t

KPA EtherCAT Master

KPA EtherCAT Master assures all benefits of EtherCAT technology such as real-time operation, extremely short cycle time and maximum performance for minimum expenses. Stack's architecture allows portability to various operating systems, adaptation to various HW platforms, a


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